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ALERT 11/19/13: Our all-new Espy model testing program has been in development for over five years, since 2008, and it will finally launch inA late beta, almost fully operational  Mosiac Class web site. This is the main site for Aurora PhotoArts. November 2013. It is loosely based upon an earlier version of the program from a decade ago, 2003, and which was very successful; this new version has been updated for the current industry and market conditions, however, and it is completely different and much more advanced than the old one. As of November 19, 2013, a new web site for Tampa Model Testing is imminent, and should be online in days; The new web site to be online and operational in December, 2013. The new web site, a state-of-the-art Mosaic Class web site, will be the second Mosaic Class web site, launched after the original Mosaic Class web site replaces the current Venus Class web site that the main Aurora PhotoArts web site has been utilizing for the past eight years. The menu, the Aurora PhotoArts logo, and many of the features of Tampa Model Testing will change (the faux menu above will definitely change). Our 2013/ 2014 Espy Model Testing Program is the best value service for models in the Tampa Bay area, and we have big plans for this marketing and support site. This Tampa Model Testing site will become one of the most important Aurora PhotoArts web sites, as the Espy model testing program will become our most popular service for at least the next five years, and we are planning on ten.

Consider Being A Model

By C. A. Passinault
A modeling and talent expert and a Tampa Bay modeling portfolio photographer
Lead Photographer
Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design / Espy Tampa Model Testing program
Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models
Independent Modeling

NOTE: All of the information on the Tampa Model Testing site is original, and was written by the author, C. A. Passinault. If you find any of this information on any other web site than our sites, please let us know, and avoid those people at all costs; if they steal from us, they will rip you off, too (and this has been an issue). Since we have a lot of sites, feel free to contact us to verify if the site is authorized to use our information.
If you have any questions about modeling, please ask us. We are here to help! Also, you might want to come to the source for the correct, expanded explanations instead of to someone who has to learn from us; a third-rate knock off who may not comprehend the full scope of our information.

Modeling is a very lucrative career, and it could be a possibility. How can you find out of you have the potential to model, though?
We are Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, and our Tampa Model Testing program is specifically designed to allow you to find out if you can model without spending a lot of money, or time, obtaining a full modeling portfolio. We have specialized in modeling portfolio photography and modeling composite cards in the Tampa Bay area for over a decade, and because of our experience photographing modeling portfolios, we are exactly what you need to test your potential as a model. We have the experience to evaluate you, as well as give you some excellent model testing pictures of outstanding quality. Not only that, but, by testing, we can demonstrate for you, first hand, what we can do for your modeling portfolio as a photography company, and how we can benefit your modeling career. We are the top modeling photography company in the Tampa Bay area, and we can prove it, just like we have proven it to past, and current, model clients throughout the years.
The following information also demonstrates that we are experts in the modeling industry, and we are even more valuable to a model than any agency could ever be (after all, an agency wants the model who they represent and work for to be dependent upon them to be referred to jobs. An agency will not show you how to find modeling work on your own. An agency also will not be able to give you the information that you need on how to build the most effective modeling career marketing tools, and how to work your modeling career. Since the agency also works for the competition of the model, too, who are other models who they represent, it is also a conflict of interest for any agency to manage a model and their career. Do you want your agent to work for your competition while giving you advice? Do you think that it is appropriate for a modeling agency to tell you what to do, too, when they are supposed to be working FOR you? Can you say conflict of interest and insubordination? An agency should only be used as one of many sources of jobs, and nothing more, and smart model obtain representation from as many agencies as possible, and make them compete against each other to get them work!). We’re here to give your information that you can really use, and you can probably tell that we have leverage when dealing with agencies. They need us more than we need them.
Let’s start with photography, and models requiring specialized modeling portfolio photography services that only an experienced professional photographer who specializes in modeling portfolios can give them. Don’t settle for any less, as you will sell yourself, and your career, short. If the models who you compete against are using relevant, professional pictures in their modeling portfolios, you are going to need the best pictures that you can get!
Face it. A wedding photographer isn’t going to know how to take pictures for a modeling portfolio. They take pictures of consumers for the consumer market, and they don’t take pictures of models. Modeling portfolio photography is a highly specialized field where the photographer HAS to know what they are doing because their clients, professional models, not only often know what makes an effective modeling portfolio photograph, but they DEPEND upon those photographs to market themselves so that they can make a living modeling. A model, and their ability to book modeling work, is only as good as the quality of their modeling portfolio and other modeling career tools, as modeling is very competitive, and they are competing with other professional models who know that they are doing, and who have invested in the top quality modeling portfolios that they require for their career. If you settle for any photographer who does not work with models, you are not going to have what you need to compete against other models for the modeling jobs that want, and need.
Of course, you have to learn how the industry works, too. Knowledge about the modeling industry will enhance your ability to work as a model. As a new model, however, please be aware that nothing good comes easy. If it’s a modeling job that announces that they need models, and that no experience is necessary to model, we would suggest skipping it.
With all of those modeling job advertisements out there in the Tampa Bay area announcing that “models are needed”, often claiming that “no experience” is necessary to model, is it true? Is modeling really that easy, and can anyone do it? Does it require skill, and, if it does, how would you go about learning those skills? If interested in modeling as a career, does one merely have to go to the closest Tampa modeling agency, and get “discovered”? Also, in a local modeling market such as the Tampa Bay area, how far could your career as a model really go?
Well, there are a lot of misconceptions about modeling, so let’s see if we can clear them up as briefly as possible.

1. Experience is needed in order to work as a model!
Experience is always necessary to book a job modeling professionally, and that it why it is important to invest in an effective professional modeling portfolio book, and other professional modeling tools such as composite cards. The portfolio and the comp cards demonstrate experience that is relevant for the job that the model is being considered for. Can you take short cuts? Not if you want to be able to compete with professional models who invest in your career. Go up against a professional model who has a portfolio, and comps, and can demonstrate professional experience, using snapshots and some freebie social networking web site profile, and you won’t book the job. The art director evaluating models for consideration of the modeling job will take one look at your tools, realize that you are an amateur, and pass. Modeling is a competitive business, and often, the model who has the best professional marketing tools books the job, and is able to make money modeling.

2. Professional models get paid. You will need to position yourself as a professional model who is qualified to get paid for working.
The whole point is to get paid when you work as a model. Don’t sell yourself short. Modeling jobs which are advertised are often scams designed to bait aspiring models in with the promise of a job, and then turn around and sell them something instead. Anyone who pays out money advertising a modeling job has to recoup their money somehow, and misrepresenting what they are really in business to do is one way to make money, and they make money at the expense of models. Genuine modeling jobs which pay always require experience, and the model usually has do some legwork to find those jobs. Most legitimate modeling jobs, again, professional jobs which pay, don’t advertise.

3. How to get the experience that you need to become a professional model.
You’ve probably been thinking about the catch-22 of “How do I get the experience that I need to model if I can’t model without experience?”.
Well, think of kindling. It takes work to start a campfire, but once you use kindling to get the flames to take, it doesn’t take long to build a hot fire. Starting that fire is the key.
First off, we’ll tell you what you don’t need.
You don’t need a modeling school. Most modeling schools are poor investments, and they teach you a lot of irrelevant things that you don’t need. We’ve never seen a model start a career by going to a modeling school (Supermodel Janice Dickinson attended, and graduated, from a Florida modeling school before becoming a model, and, despite her talent, they did not start her career. They took her money. It wasn't until she went to New York on her own did her modeling career start. We've NEVER seen a model start, or have, a successful career after spending money on schools!). Besides, modeling schools are often not even accredited.
You also should NEVER attempt to book any modeling job before you are ready. Don’t even try to book a modeling job without a professional portfolio or composite cards, especially when real professional models will be using those tools.
So, what do you need?
You’re going to need a modeling portfolio, and you’re going to need composite cards. As a new model, if you invest in a solid modeling portfolio and composite cards, and the pictures in your portfolio are professional and demonstrate your looks as a model, you have the minimum that you need to begin marketing your modeling career and booking work as a model. There is no way around it. You have to have a portfolio and composite cards, as these things are expected by art directors who book models into their jobs, and other professional models are using those tools.
Can you model without these tools, using a Myspace or facebook profile and some pictures from your cell phone? Could you get those pictures from a photographer, too, in a trade for print arrangement?
You get what you pay for, and you will only get out of modeling career what you put into it. If you think that you or a friend can pick up your cell phone camera and take pictures which are going to effectively market you as a model and enable you to compete with real models who have professional portfolios, go for it. Just don’t be surprised when no one takes you seriously.
Well, we are sure that someone will take notice of you. There are lots of guys with cameras out there who would like to take advantage of an aspiring model.
Think about this, too: Would you take someone seriously who does not invest in their career? Do you think that a photographer will be able to give you an effective modeling portfolio if they work for free? How serious do you think that a photographer is about what they claim to do if they don’t treat it as a business? The same goes for both models AND photographers, and just about any other professional in any career. If you do not invest in your career and work it as a professional, it’s going to suffer, and no one who is worth dealing with is going to take you seriously.
Let’s just break it down like this.

A. If you don’t invest in your career, and you cut corners, it will undermine your ability to book work , and you won’t be able to compete with models who have invested in their careers. All professional models invest in what they need to market and work their careers.

B. If you don’t invest in your career, you’ll be stuck doing low-rent promotional modeling jobs or doing “jobs” for free. What good is that? Networking? You go to parties and industry events to network. You DON’T work a job for free to get exposure or to meet people (They will know what you work for free, or cheap, and will expect the same if it goes anywhere. Establish yourself as a free, or a cheap, model, and it will be very hard to work out of that reputation. You also will not be respected, as people in the industry know what fair rates are for modeling jobs, and if they see you selling yourself short, or out, they will perceive you as either a model who does not know what they are doing, or someone who is desperate to work.) Additionally, doing a “job” for free for a charity is a mistake, for the above reasons.

C. Modeling jobs need to be paid fair rates for the specified job. Know what fair rates are for the job, and stick to your guns. If someone will not book you into a modeling job because you won’t work free or for cheap, they were not worth working with to begin with.
Regarding exchanging services, no professional is going to do so if you are in the market for a portfolio. Why would they trade services for an unproven model? Professionals are paid because they offer services which demonstrate value to the party investing in those services. A professional photographer who is able to give you an effective modeling portfolio is not going to do it for free, as it would not be smart for them to work at no charge. If the photographer cannot handle their own business and market it effectively, how do you expect them to be able to do anything which will benefit you? The same goes for models, too. If a model works for free, it’s usually because they are not worth paying to begin with. A model who works for free only hurts themselves.

Sure, there are a lot of people out there who claim to be models and do not bother to invest in their careers. Do you think that they are being taken seriously? Are they models, and are they competition for real models? Of course not! The only people who will book those models are people who won’t pay models to begin with, which are “opportunities” which any professional model would avoid. Is it worth doing? That is a question that the model has to ask with every modeling job, especially in the Tampa Bay industry.
A lot of so-called professionals in the Tampa Bay modeling industry find that it is cheaper to run scams than it is to actually work at what they claim to do. Don’t take them seriously unless they can prove to you that they can benefit your career.

4. Your portfolio is much more than just a book of pictures. It is your primary marketing tool, and your way of getting work as a professional model.

5. Representation by a modeling and talent agency is no longer the only way to model.
They can be useful, however.

6. You will only get out of your modeling career what you put into it.


1. What is a model?
A model is not necessarily a beautiful person who appeals to the majority. While this is usually a requirement of specialized fashion modeling, which has strict requirements which make it out of reach for most people, models can have variety of different looks. Fashion models, usually, are limited, too, because their exceptional appearance often locks them into a certain look, limiting their marketability in other fields of modeling.
Modeling is a visual form of marketing, where the face of a model represents, and helps to sell, a product or service. If you have a look that a business has in mind to market what they are selling, there is a good chance that they will hire, or book, you for the job. That is, if you can demonstrate that you are a professional model by being able to show them a portfolio. No one wants to hire someone without experience, and who might flake because they have not invested in a serious professional career.
As a result, the best models are not fashion models. The best models are able to show a wide variety of looks. The more looks that a model can demonstrate, and can pull off, the more marketable that they will be, and the more work that they will be able to book.
Marketability is the key. Make sure that your portfolio does not conflict with the modeling job that you are being considered for.
This is also why the best, and most marketable models, AVOID cosmetic enhancements such as breast augmentation and implants. Do ANYTHING to lock you into a single look, and you will cripple your marketability.
The best models also avoid high risk work, unless they want to specialize in that type of modeling. The best models avoid nude modeling, “sexy” modeling, and posing provocatively. Do you think that a business is going to want to use your face to market what they are selling if you have nude pictures all over the place? Pictures, too, are forever, and once they are taken, they can never be undone. Avoid risk if you wish to be as marketable as possible.
Any photographer who insists that a model has to have “artistic nudes” or pose “sexy” in their portfolio either does not know what they are doing, or they are out to take advantage of you. Avoid them!
There are exceptions, however. IF the photographer can demonstrate work in all types of modeling, and has a lot of experience, and IF the model is already experienced, too, and wishes to specialize in high risk modeling, that is the exception. Just don’t expect to book a lot of conventional modeling work once you start high risk work. New models have no business messing around with any of that, however, as it is too dangerous, especially when they don’t know all of the risks, and they could end up ending their career before it even begins!

2. What is a modeling portfolio?
A modeling portfolio is a physical book which has a variety of professional pictures, which are organized to demonstrate the range of looks that a model can achieve, as well as show their experience.
Although many models have online portfolios and web sites, it is never a substitute for an actual book. When you are interviewed during a go-see for consideration of a modeling job, they are usually going to want to look at the pictures in you portfolio book. Although having professional pictures on a professional web site can work, the model who takes the time to print out their pictures and be able to present them in a book is going to have the advantage.
As a rule of thumb, an entry-level modeling portfolio should demonstrate at least SIX looks that the model can achieve. The more variety, the better!

3. What is a composite card?

4. How do I get started as a model?

5. When do I go to a modeling agency?

TAMPA MODEL TESTING NEWS 11/19/13 - After three years of additional development for the new Espy model testingA late beta, almost fully operational  Mosiac Class web site. This is the main site for Aurora PhotoArts. program, and two years of development for the Mosaic Class marketing and support web site, we are ready for full roll-out in December 2013 for the 2014 Espy model testing program (We have done several Espy model testing shoots throughout 2013, 2012, and 2011, but it was outside of this main program service line, and those test sessions tested out aspects and details of the model testing program, which were extremely successful!).
During December, we will be getting the program up to speed, and bookings will dramatically increase. By January 2014, the 2014 Espy model testing program will be fully operational, and will be up to full operational capacity, with a three month shake-down cycle planned.
The two years spent on the new Mosaic Class marketing and support site for our Tampa Model Testing site has been a wise investment, with many details taken care of and enhancements made (compare the screen shot to the first Mosaic Class marketing and support web site for Aurora PhotoArts, which is the main site, to the image of one of the first Mosaic Class mock-up below, and you can see the difference. Our logo has been updated, too!). Our brand new Mosaic Class web site will be built in late November, 2013, and will be launched as a full operational marketing and support web site by December, 2013.
It’s time to get this program underway!

TAMPA MODEL TESTING NEWS 04/29/11 - After several months of work, and delays, the new Espy Tampa Model Testing site will be up and running in May 2011, less than two weeks from now (work on the site will begin next week, with final fabrication the following week). With our last news post months ago, we intended on building the site using an updated, upgraded, all-new version of the Venus Class site, called the Venus 3. This changed a month and a half ago, when it was decided to use a new, state of the art Mosaic Class site instead (See the image to the right for a mock-up of the Mosaic Class site, which was designed in Photoshop using graphic elements from the site fabrication templates). The photoshopped mock up of the new Mosaic Class web site, which is so new that it hasn't even been coded yet. This is the most advanced photography and design marketing and support site design in the Florida photography markets, and is one of the best in the world. The large blank area is where the pictures will be, and the pictures can be large because of new watermarking techniques which were developed during work on the Venus 3 Venus Class site. The smaller blocks will be picture thumbnails  leading to an online portfolio. We are getting one of these advanced sites shortly!
For more about our web site project, please read the web designer and developer’s blog. It will also explain why we were delayed as long as we were.
Our imminent new web site, which will be a new Mosaic Class web site, with an early mock-up pictured to the right, is a state-of-the-art photography services marketing and support web site. Our site is one component of a network of Aurora PhotoArts web sites, which will make one huge meta site, with 15 other sites interlinked with this one.
In other news, the Aurora PhotoArts’ Espy Tampa model testing program will begin regular photography sessions in May 2011. The program is expected to become huge, and we also expect to have a waiting list for slots. We strongly recommend that aspiring models book early so that they can get their testing session done within a short amount of time.
If you are looking at starting a modeling career or want to try to become a model, we are the best choice for you, and we would like the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do for you.
The Espy model testing services, which are available at an introductory rate, combined with our modeling and talent resource sites, give you an unbeatable value over any modeling school or photographer. We are serious about being the ultimate resource for aspiring models in the Tampa Bay area.

TAMPA MODEL TESTING NEWS 12/23/10 - Now uploading content and web site sections to pave the way for assembly of New Venus 3 protptype, which looks like the old Venus Class site, but is all-new under the hood. This was what our site was going to use, but at the last minute it was decided that we were getting a brand-new, state of the art Mosaic Class site instead. This added to our delay.our new web site next week. A brand new, state of the art Venus 3 version of the effective Venus Class photography marketing web site will be built for Tampa Model Testing and our sister marketing sites for Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design. To put it simply, Aurora PhotoArts will absolutely dominate in 2011, and this is good news for models, talent, and our other clients. Why? Because we absolutely love the photography that we do, and we believe in the quality, and the demonstrated value, of our photography and design work. We have built a photography company that WE would want to buy services from if we were in the market for the best value in photography services. Aurora PhotoArts will be going out of its way to demonstrate that we are not only the best value in modeling portfolio photography in Florida, but that we have a far better value, and are a better investment, than modeling portfolio photography in large markets such as New York. When it comes to modeling portfolios, and your modeling career, however, it's about a lot more than just photography and design. Our company is also run by modeling industry experts. Our founder and lead photographer, Chris Passinault (Also known as C. A. Passinault, which is his pen name from his acclaimed writing and production work) is one of the most experienced professionals in the modeling industry today, and he is the writer behind, and the owner, of some of the top modeling resource sites in the world, which include revolutionary modeling resource sites Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling. There is even more going on, too, but some details of what is to come cannot be disclosed, yet, if ever. Stand by.

In related news, that finalized site section menu outlined above may go through more revisions as the site is built and launched. The new site that we are building this week will look like the site pictured to the right (the one with yellow in it. The one above it is a new Venus 3, and the one above that is a a mock-up of a new Mosaic Class site), which is an outdated Venus 2 variant of the Venus Class site, but with a lot of improvements; the differences will be very noticeable. Tampa Model Testing will use an advanced Venus 3 design, and will be one of the larger sites using the new state of the artVenus 2 variant of the effective Venus Class photography and services marketing web site used by Aurora PhotoArts. photography and services marketing site.

TAMPA MODEL TESTING NEWS 12/10/10 - New Tampa model testing site is about to launch. The new Espy Tampa model test photography and evaluation program will begin in January, 2011.

Tampa, Florida; Friday, December 10, 2010 - The new Espy model testing program from leading Tampa photography services company Aurora PhotoArts Tampa photography and design will resume from its original successful run of 2003-2004, in January 2011. The Espy Tampa model testing and evaluation program, which has been reformatted for new market conditions, will focus on new models, and evaluating prospective models for the possibility of a career in modeling. Likewise, a brand new web site is in development for the Espy Tampa model testing marketing site. This new site will be an advanced, state of the art Venus 3 Venus Class photography services marketing web site, exactly like the ones used by the main Aurora PhotoArts marketing site, as well as an elaborate network of other Aurora PhotoArts marketing web sites. The new Venus 3's will roll out in December, 2010, and should acheive IOC (Initial Operational Capability) by January 2011.

We are directly affiliated with top modeling resource sites Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling. Our lead photographer, Chris Passinault, AKA C. A. Passinault, is owns Aurora PhotoArts, and also writes for, and owns, Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling. Out of all the photographers in Florida, he is the best qualified modeling and talent expert, and much more than just a modeling portfolio photographer. Through Espy, you get the best modeling testing and portfolio photography in the Tampa Bay market, as well as the best value in testing and photography services, as well as direct access to a leading modeling expert. No other photographer or photography company can do for models and their modeling careers what we can do, and we can prove it.
Unlike other photographers, we are also not affiliated with any modeling agencies, so you can rest assured that there is nothing unethical or illegal going on (it is against the law, as well as unethical, for modeling agencies to make money from model testing, modeling portfolio photography, and modeling composite cards; this either directly or through referrals. If an agency refers you to a photographer, there is no way to prove that the agency is not making money that way, instead of the way that they are supposed to , which is finding modeling jobs for models. Never buy anything from any photographer who an agency refers you to.). We do not want to be affiliated with agencies, and we do not have to be. We have far more to offer modeling agencies than they have to offer us. While we are not affiliated with any modeling agencies, we DO know a lot about them, including the best ones to refer models to. If desired, we can refer you to modeling agencies, either anonymously, or directly.
Since we ARE directly affiliated with Tampa Bay Modeling and Independent Modeling, we are the ONLY photography company authorized to publish any content from our modeling resource sites. If you find any information from our modeling sites on any other Tampa photography sites (and we have), or used by anyone else to sell you anything, do NOT trust them. If they steal from us, what will they do to you?

With the Aurora PhotoArts Espy Model Testing Program, you’ll be able to find out if you really should consider starting a modeling career. With our program, you can find out if you can model with minimal time, and expense. Better yet, if you do decide that you want to model, and that you need a professional modeling portfolio and composite cards to market your career and book modeling jobs, we can do that for you, too, with an extended session with a top professional modeling portfolio photographer in the Tampa Bay area.
When you become a model, regardless of if you find and book work on your own as an independent model, or if you also allow modeling and talent agencies to represent you can find you modeling jobs, you are going to have to have a professional, effective modeling portfolio, and composite cards. There is no way around investing in your career, because you, as a model, will be competing against other professional models who have invested in their careers, and who will prove to be impossible to compete against if you cut corners and take short-cuts.
This is why it is also important to only work with professional modeling portfolio photographers.

In 2003, Aurora PhotoArts Tampa photography and design began a program to test models, develop the professional-grade modeling portfolios and composite cards that models would need to book modeling jobs, and refer models to modeling and talent agencies. The program, called ESPY, which is latin for "I see", was immensely popular, and successful. Many models were tested, and they benefited from the expertise of the professional photographers of Aurora PhotoArts. The top Tampa photography services company at that time, and at the present, Aurora PhotoArts specialized in modeling portfolio photography and talent headshots.

Our Tampa modeling portfolio photography services took up much of our time starting in 2004, with many models opting to skip the model testing and invest in the full modeling portfolios that they needed for their modeling careers. ESPY was discontinued and put on the side lines, and it wasn't expected to be needed anymore.

Until now.

In early 2008, Aurora PhotoArts lead photographer C. A. Passinault envisioned a new Generation of the ESPY program, which would be reformatted as the Espy Tampa Model Testing program. The next Espy was optimized to test new models and to supply modeling and talent agencies with new faces, much like the old ESPY program, but with some enhancements which catered to new models more so than the more experienced professional models who would rather invest in full modeling portfolios. The Espy Model Testing Program would be offered at a special rate of an Aurora PhotoArts selected for Tampa model testing photography and evaluation sessions, with the option to expand to a full modeling portfolio photography session at nominal cost once the model was happy with the results of their model testing session and opted to invest in what the professional models did. This new Espy program was more appropriate for new models who were exploring the possibilities of starting a modeling career, without the higher rates of a full modeling portfolio photography session. The next Espy would also also inspire independence in the new models, and teach them that they could also book modeling jobs on their own, without going through a modeling and talent agency. Although controversial with modeling and talent agencies, for obvious reasons, more and more professional models were booking work on their own, managing their own modeling careers, while putting the modeling and talent agencies in their proper place as one of many sources of modeling job leads. The professional independent model, as a result, had a pronounced advantage over models who were content to be represented by modeling and talent agencies and who solely depended upon modeling and talent agencies for their modeling job leads.

So, what does our Espy program offer? A Tampa model test photography session which offers modeling portfolio-quality test photography, instructions on posing, and additional modeling instructions by a modeling expert. Once the aspiring model is satisfied with their model testing photographs (and most of them are, as we have one of the highest client satisfaction rates out of any services company, let alone Tampa photography companies), they then have the option of investing in a full modeling portfolio photography session, which they will need to invest in to start their professional modeling portfolio and composite cards (we will explain what these are and what they can do for models during the Q&A session portion of the Espy session). Our model clients who invest in full modeling portfolio photography sessions also have the option of obtaining free modeling profiles on the modeling resources sites that we own and are fully affiliated with.

The next Espy Tampa Model Testing program is optimized to be fully supported by substantial modeling resources, such as the Tampa Bay Modeling modeling resource web site, the Florida Modeling Career modeling resource web site, the Independent Modeling modeling resource web site, and the Advanced Model project.

This new Espy Tampa Model Testing program will be available in 2013.

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New Mosaic Class photography marketing and support web site is in development, and will be online by December 2013.

THE OFFICIAL TAMPA MODEL TESTING WEB SITE IS IN DEVELOPMENT. SECTION MENU FINALIZED 11/11/10 (Will be redone in late November 2013 to prepare for the launch of the new site).


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